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Astrology is a complex science, at least I find it so! Yet Christina has an innate knack of explaining what is going on in our solar system with ease and in a way I can understand! The energy of the planets has an impact on who we are and often on how we feel and that of course also impacts our business. I have had many readings with Christina to help me plan the most favourable days to plan launches and deliver my courses etc. which have proved to be invaluable. Christina has also spoken several times in my group which has always been entertaining, intuitive and relatable. Astrology is an art and Christina really is a master of it! If you want to understand how Astrology can impact your business and life I do recommend you speak to Christina for further insights.
Fiona Clark
the ‘Zenergiser
Hi Christina. I want to thank you for posting this blog [on the solar eclipse in November 2022. A few astrologers (who also are artists) have been posting their take on this subject over the last 3 days and I have to tell you that yours is absolutely the best read, best written and more detailed (love that you included birthdays in the months of the constellations affected). The language you have developed is perfect.