New Moon in Capricorn December 23rd 2022

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23rd December 2022 – New Moon in Capricorn

New Moons are always full of hope and potential, and goodness knows we could do with some of that right now! For me, with this new moon following so close after the Winter Solstice about 30 hours ago, it speaks even more of new beginnings, a new year starting afresh.

As always, today’s chart is a mixture of the supportive and the challenging, so let’s look at the tricksier stuff first, so as to end on a joyful note.

The only really tough conversation going on right now is powerful Pluto-Hades, Lord of the Underworld, in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, winding up stroppy Mars, God of War – who is still in sullen passive-aggressive retrograde mode in Gemini.

Current Affairs Backdrop

This link is fading at the moment, but will return once Mars is going forward again, in mid to late January. It does rather describe the backdrop to current affairs at the moment.

Gemini is normally such a sunny light-hearted sign, but this combination is dark and brooding. How best to use this energy?? If there’s a letter you would like to write to someone who has wronged you, you could vent your bitterest spleen in cutting words, and then BURN IT.

  • Feel the release of old wounds that you have been picking at.
  • Let the scabs heal.
  • Remember the wise advice: share your scars, not your scabs.

Awkward Links

Meanwhile Jupiter-Zeus is in a mildly awkward link with Unexpected Uranus.

Jupiter is indeed the Joy Bringer, so even the more challenging links with him can tend towards over-enthusiasm rather than anything malicious or catastrophic.

Think custard tarts rather than volcanoes.

Maybe try out a new recipe – that would please both of them!

since Jupiter loves good food, and Uranus loves to try out new ideas.

This particular interaction is more in the nature of family teasing, and there is indeed a clown-like quality to Jupiter in Aries (remember that enthusiast puppy-dog I mentioned a while back?)

Jupiter in Aries

Jolly Jupiter in Aries is also in a hard link with the Sun and his New Moon, but again this speaks of over-optimism, and over-indulgence, or indolence, rather than anything particularly nasty.

Best to celebrate by going to a carol service and singing your heart out, rather than over-doing the Chardonnay!

Saturn is Silent

Stern Saturn-Chronos is doing a Greta Garbo, he wants to be alone, so isn’t talking to anyone right now.

He is still in one of his own signs, the sign of the Collective, Aquarius -so I would say he’s a happy hermit at the moment, and dreaming up new ways of serving the people (or bringing them to their senses!)

What Venus is Up To

Meanwhile, Venus-Aphrodite is in coolly collected Capricorn. Her style here is understated elegance in a bespoke business suit. She prefers darker more serious colours, think navy, charcoal, black, dark brown.

She is standing close to Mercury-Hermes, who is also in Capricorn.

Here, his words and writing are more measured, and given extra weight and seriousness as he draws near to deep-thinking probing Pluto.

However, a gently supportive link with dreamy Neptune-Poseidon is sprinkling him with some magical other-worldly faery dust.

A great time to write some inspired love poetry, which will honour all four of them. Or do some in-depth journalling or morning pages.

Or – plan a clear-out of your wardrobe, a put a date in your diary for the new year! Although Venus is not close to Pluto yet, she will be soon, and Pluto loves a good shedding of stuff.

This Venus is one highly organised lady.

Similarly, as Mercury draws close to Pluto, that would be a time to consider getting rid of books you no longer need [painful though such a concept can be for us bookworms] – or at least tackling your office clutter!

The Sun and the Moon

And finally, our Sun and Moon, who are in the early degrees of capable Capricorn. Capricorn rules business and structures, so this is a fabulous time to plan for 2023.

January is named after Janus, the Roman God with two faces – one looking back and looking forward.

So, in your time off over the festive period, do take some time to review 2022

– what went well, where could you have done better?

and to plan with hope and optimism for 2023

– what goals will you put in place, and how will you measure them?

And remember, when you first see the young crescent Moon in the sky, make a wish!


Wishing you a joyful festive season, however you spend it,

With my love,

Christina xx

ps – in fact, looking back, as we draw near the end of 2022 with a New Moon in Capricorn, I see that we started this year with one as well . . .


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