Full Moon in Leo 5th February 2023

Full Moon in Leo tree

Two fixed signs out-facing each other across the heavens – shoot out at the OK corral comes to mind.

Leo is sign of play and romance and creativity, and gently egocentric “Royal We”. While Aquarius is the collective, the community and society. The Patricians versus the Proletariat if you like. I am not surprised at further strikes being announced!

Giving them both a challenging yet quirky stare is unpredictable Uranus, mover and shaker-upper of the planetary gods.

He is now at the midpoint of his journey through stolid yet sensual earth sign Taurus. In Taurus he is wanting to shake up our attitudes to our earthly resources

Added to which Mercury-Hermes in business-like Capricorn is drawing near to Pluto-Hades Lord of the Underworld, which suggests some soul-searching and possible endings.

A time for deep reflection and journalling.

Mercury is also talking with mystical Neptune-Poseidon, who is still in his own sign of Pisces.

Now this conversation could be totally inspiring, or could be completely deluded!

Capricorn is quite a practical sign, so this Mercury-Neptune link may well help make floaty Pisces dreams become manifest.

Or this Neptune might inspire our Capricorn Mercury to write up an intriguing business report on a new venture which has a spiritual slant.

Bright Apollo the Sun is just moving within reach of Saturn-Chronos, still in his daytime sign of Aquarius.

Yes Saturn is about limitations and restrictions, but pressure produces power.

Think of a pressure cooker, or a steam combustion engine.

Or the hard shell of an acorn, from which a mighty oak will grow.

Saturn can help give this airy Aquarian Sun food for thought, and the discipline to give a definite shape (Saturn) to a new idea (Aquarius).

The Sun is also getting energy from action planet Mars, who is gathering up speed in Gemini.

Though warmongering Mars is also stirring the pot where Pluto is concerned, a bit of sly sarcasm going on there. Or political posturing.

And there’s certainly some tension going on between Mars in quick-silver Gemini and Venus-Aphrodite in diaphanous Pisces. He is trying to flirt with her while at the same time needling her with a fine rapier.

While in her one-shouldered robe, she is simply giving him the cold-shoulder.

And Jupiter-Zeus, king of the Gods? – he is alone in fiery Aries, apart from the company of the asteroid Chiron.

Chiron was a centaur, half wild horse, half wise sage – and he was tutor and foster-father to Apollo. He is known as the Wounded Healer – the place where we carry our pain, and the place where through our pain we learn how to bring balm to others.

Chiron is also in an empathic link with the Moon, which if you are grieving can be deeply soothing and comforting.

However they are both in Fire signs, which need movement and action – I have just had an image of two dancers doing the Argentine Tango, a dance to express emotion like no other.

So my friends, I wish you the courage of Leo and Aquarius with the enthusiasm of Aries, the abundance of Taurus, the wit of Gemini, the level-headedness of Capricorn and the compassion of Pisces.

Love and blessings to you all






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