Full Moon in Cancer January 6th 2023


The first Full Moon of the year! And this year it’s in caring Cancer, the opposite sign to corporate Capricorn. And here the Moon is in the sign it rules, so this is a quietly powerful Moon, able to gaze serenely across the skies at the Sun in Saturn-ruled cool Capricorn.

And here in the northern hemisphere, this is the highest Full Moon of the year, since the Sun is at its lowest. On a clear night, winter full moons flood my back garden with light, and I have been known to dance in the moonlight!

The Sun is Powerful

However, the Sun here is also powerful, particularly with regard to Mercury-Hermes, who is so close to the Sun in the heavens that he is said to be combust.

This wordsmith is not visible, being under the wings of the Sun’s rays. Invisible words.

Plus Mercury is retrograde at the moment, so this is actually a deeply reflective time, wonderful for reviewing the previous year, for renovating words you have already written – ie editing them, honing them, polishing them.

Capricorn is an earth sign, and the Earth produces gemstones. Capricorn’s stone is black onyx. Craft your words with care, and with Cancerian kindness as well.

You may also find unexpected ways of expressing yourself, since the Sun and Mercury in conservative Capricorn are receiving support from anarchic Uranus.

Though in fellow earth sign Taurus he is calmer than usual, plus he too is retrograde.

So perhaps some quiet flamboyance is called for, wear something you don’t normally, create some new combinations, experiment (a great Uranus word) with a new form of writing. You may surprise yourself!


Uranus is also connecting well with the Moon, who is our emotional life.

The Water signs are our emotions, and in Moon-ruled Cancer emotions can rise and fall like the tides.

Uranus may ramp this up, yet in a safe way – allow yourself to surf the waves of those deep feelings, yet without drowning in them. Uranus can help us gain new insights and perspectives.


The Moon is also linking positively with Neptune-Poseidon, God of the dreamy seas and subconscious. Note your dreams tonight . . .


This particular Moon party is in fact one of those where there are only a few conversations going on, and in fact 3 of the planetary Gods are standing alone, apart.

Again we have Saturn-Chronos in aloof Aquarius. A dark roll-neck jumper and horn-rimmed glasses, being inscrutable.

As is Pluto who is brooding in sombre Capricorn. Think dark suit and shades.

While Jupiter is being colourful in assertive Aries. Yet alone.

When planets are unaspected like this, they are simply outside the conversation, they are not witness to any of the other connections being made, rather they are following their own dreams and destinies.


Whereas Mars the God of War (and what we go after) and Venus-Aphrodite the Goddess of Love (and what we value) are having a wonderful time gazing at each other.

Being still retrograde this Gemini Mars is a little quieter. And in Aquarius this is a coolly collected Venus.  But they’re certainly both enjoying themselves.

Maybe go on a date where you’re learning something – a lecture, or a discussion group, or a poetry or calligraphy workshop.


If you use crystals or tarot cards, put them on a moon-facing windowsill to be cleansed and energised by the beams of this kindly moon . . .


With love and blessings,

Christina x


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