New Moon in Aquarius 21st January 2023

New Moon in Aquarius

How lovely to have the 1st New Moon of the 2023 in Aquarius – the sign that Pluto will begin to move into later this year.

And maybe this will finally see the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, which has been talked and written about for so long.

Aquarius, traditional ruler Saturn-Chronos and modern ruler Uranus, is the sign of innovation, of technology, and of the Collective – being of service to all of humanity, being a voice for those  who maybe don’t have the courage to speak up. It’s an Air sign, so is very much involved with thought processes. And as it’s also a Fixed sign, Aquarians easily slip into over-thinking mode! And thinking that they are right . . .

In a sense the New Moon is a time of complete union between the Sun and the Moon, they are the young lovers full of hope.

And this pair of lovers have a wonderfully supportive link with action planet Mars, at last moving forward again through Mercury-ruled Gemini. Plus a gently positive link with Jupiter-Zeus in Mars-ruled Aries.

Do you have a writing or creative project that you have struggled to get off the ground? This is a fabulous time to dedicate yourself to putting new energy into it.


And Venus-Aphrodite, still in coolly collected Aquarius is very close to disciplined Saturn. He is telling her that delayed gratification will get the job done. Don’t get distracted by shiny things: put the hard work in now, and just get the darned thing done!


Similarly, Saturn is also gently reminding wordsmith Mercury-Hermes of the need for discipline.

Tho since our wordsmith is still in earth sign Capricorn, this discipline is already there.

A good time to diarise and implement a regular writing time (Saturn) to make those words real (Mercury).


Mercury is also getting a good vibe from unusual Uranus, in earth-ruled Taurus, which may inspire them both to find new ways of putting their message across. Maybe a new insight as to how to better inspire people to respect our beautiful planet, and be respectful (Capricorn) of her resources (Taurus).


Neptune-Poseidon is once again a solitary figure, yet dreamily content with his own company. In Pisces he is connecting with the eternal and the numinous, so although he is alone he is not lonely.


And Pluto-Hades, drawing near to the end of Capricorn? Technically he is close in the heavens to our Cosmic Lovers, but in a different sign.

He is speaking in an old language, they are finding a new language. He is bringing them intensity of experience, yet somehow at a gentler tangent.

However – this Sun and Moon in early Aquarius are sensitising an area that Pluto will pass over several times during 2024 and 2025 before he finally settles into his new sign.

This is a particularly sensitive spot for those with birthdays in the first couple of days of the other air signs (Gemini and Libra – likely to be more positive)

and also the other Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo and Scorpio – likely to be more challenging!)

So use these days of the New Moon wisely, to set intentions for your own highest good, and also intentions that will serve the world and your community, your tribe.


With my love and blessings as always,

Christina x

Note – I am trying to get my Detox by Moonlight book finished, so I hope to listen to what the planets are saying, and to follow my own advice!


Picture by Bru-nO, on Pixabay


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