Chart Snap-Shot

A half-hour overview of the planets in your chart:

Some of the implications of which sign they are in, also looking at your Rising Sign or Ascendant, and your Descendant, your setting sign if you like.

– An ideal introduction to astrology for beginners and sceptics alike.
– An ideal present for the hard to please, and the open-minded!
– And even this 30 minute session can give you some real aha moments.

Chart Discovery

This a longer, more in-depth alternative to Bronze, and takes about 60-75 minutes. Here we not only look at the individual planets and their signs, but also and crucially how they are interacting with each other. Or not.

– Are they engaged in lively and supportive conversations, or are they at loggerheads?!
Here you gain a more wholistic understanding of what makes you tick, and also compassion for your shadow.

Chart Analysis

Here we dance with Time! This follows on after a Silver session, and we look at how the current planets out there right now are influencing your birth chart. These interactions are called transits.

If you like, we can look back at crucial times in your past to see how the transiting planets were impacting your natal planets and becoming part of your story.

We can also look ahead to see what influences are likely to be affecting you over the 12 to 18 months.